The famous "sweet milk" typical of Argentina, is produced and packaged by the Sbaraglia family in Spoltore

If you try, you can not do without it anymore.
We are talking about Delixia, the brand-new milk cake produced in the Spoltore company by the Sbaraglia family. But let's start from the beginning.
The "dulce de leche" (sweet milk) is a typical Argentinian dessert, very popular in much of South America. It is prepared by cooking the milk and sugar for a long time until a cream with an irresistible flavor is obtained. The sweet milk, in Argentina is so used that even Papa Fancesco continues to use it every day for his breakfast! The idea of ​​reproducing this dessert in Italy comes from an immigration story. The Sbaraglia family lived more than 30 years in Buenos Aires where he founded a solid fuel company in Argentina, now managed by Claudio and Roberto. In '85 the family returned to Abruzzo continuing the activity of fuels. But how is Delixia born? Claudio Sbaraglia explains: "The fuel company is now walking alone, yes, but for its market it does not have many prospects for growth, so my brother and I have decided to diversify and get involved with a 'another activity, the production of the dulce de leche, the most famous dessert of Argentina with which we too have grown ». Delixia srl ​​was founded in 2008 in Spoltore, starting its first production 2009. Claudio Sbaraglia already graduated in Law, tireless, decides to enroll in managerial sciences taking the second major degree with the aim of acquiring useful skills for the new business venture. In the scenario of the Italian confectionery sector, Delixia is an innovative product, tasty but at the same time attentive to health. «The new health trends, Sbaraglia continues, of consumers often contrast with the search for the discovery of new tastes; but analyzing the composition of the milk cake, both needs are respected ». In this scenario of total change, Delixia srl ​​takes the challenge of promoting and spreading the sweet of milk both in Italy and abroad, focusing on innovation and quality, associated with service and communication. In fact, over 50% of production is sold abroad, among the countries there are: Morocco, Kuwait, Greece, Spain, Slovenia, Lithuania, Germany, France and Bulgaria. Spoltore's long-term strategy aims at replacing at least in part, from the Italian food habit, the consumption of spreads with hazelnuts, much richer in fats and calories and therefore less suitable for a healthy diet. However, Delixia srl, which is not content to replace a product known by a new one, although much healthier, has also committed itself to producing it in Italy, in a modern plant, using renewable energy sources. Recently, in fact, the company has purchased a new production plant that will be installed in early 2015 and will double its production capacity, going from the current 200 kg / hour to 400 kg / hour. The Delixia spreadable milk cake, produced in the most complete compliance with the strict regulations in force on food safety, is presented in elegant glass jars of various sizes which, in addition to guaranteeing a hygienically safe product, make it easy to use in all opportunities for use. Another aspect to which the company is very careful are the certifications, currently obtained: ISO 9001 for quality management and FSSC 22000 for food safety, both issued by SGS, in addition to the BIO certification issued by ICEA. Today the sons of Roberto, Federica and Alessandro work in the companies, and also Nansy, daughter of Claudio and Rosita, who, although very young, is taking the first steps in the family business. For some months on the market there is also the biological version of this product that we remember is lactose-free and gluten-free. But where can we find Delixia? "We can buy online on our website, we are present, says the owner, in the gourmet shops, in the gluten free shops, in the GDO we are there but with the formula of the private label. Delixia is produced and packaged in Italy, with the highest quality ingredients, and in addition to the Argentinian milk cake, we have reduced the presence of sugar reaching only 6% of fat. It can be used in many ways: you can put it in coffee, in ice cream, in desserts, you can use it in confectionery. The version with cold cream to be bought in bars has just come out on the market! ». «Among the future projects, concludes dr. Sbaraglia, there is the production of a sweet liqueur, but the biggest goal is to grow and conquer an important slice of the foreign market ».

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